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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is an ancient mystical system of accessing the records of your Souls's Journey, your Life Path and your Heart's Desire. When these 3 things come into alignment nothing can hold you back. You will have the opportunity to understand the information presented in session and allow it to integrate. You can receive healing on a soul level and from the current moment of reference back along the time line to clear and heal missed opportunities, karma, tendancies. We then replace old patterns by inserting new energy at the core of your being along with ancient hidden knowledge that gives you the chance to shift right into where you want to be: Conflict free, Happy, Healthy, Thinking & Being well, prosperous and abundant, and able to continue the unfolding of your life's path and spiritual journey at the next level. We can also learn about people and roles that you've played out and where you've lived in order to bring light more fully to who you are now. This all gives you the opportunity to fulfill the greatest instruction from Creator: "Know Thyself".

Life Path Intuitive Counseling and Healing Sessions
How I can help You Achieve your Dreams, Goals & Desires:

In a Session we access the Akashic Records where I look into any blocks holding you back. I also look into Past Lives, Future Events and Possibilities for change, How to Clear & Understand your Karma. Physical, Spiritual, Mental & Emotional Healing. Clearing of any entities or negative energies. Connecting you with your Guides and Loved Ones and offering you the chance to tap into your greatest potential by supporting your
path with Intuition, Healing and Clearing.
Art, Music, CD's, Workshops and Private Sessions available at www.billfossworld.com

Call 918-770-3810 for Individual Akashic & Healing Sessions

Love to you, prosperity, peace, joy, good health, and much happiness in your future.



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