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Astrology is one way to decode.  It is the fine blend of science, art, and craft. The precise moment of birth captures the planetary pattern of that moment, which is never, ever, duplicated again.  The astrological chart showing that pattern is a picture of how the Divine soul is anchored in time and space.

Astrology is the study of the relationship between the astronomical bodies and how they effect and reflect human character and behavior based upon the position, gravitational pull, and movements of those astronomical bodies at the time of birth. Astrology measures these interactions mathematically and uses the answers to gain a better understanding and explain the energy in your life and its potential challenges and possibilities. Because that's all that astrology shows you - possibilities. It helps to explain the challenges in your life, not predict any certain future. It helps you make a choice between free will and destiny. Astrology is simply another tool to help you guide your life - not the final outcome itself.

There is a connection between all living things and all matter on this planet. Astrology shows the cycles that occur in our universe, in nature, and in ourselves. It shows how the other planets effect our own Earth and how that in turn effects us. (Example - the moon effects the tides so it stands to reason that it effects the water content in our bodies as well. And as every women knows our own cycles follow the moon's 28 day cycle as well.)

 							  How It Began

Astrology began when our oldest ancestors looked up into the sky with wonder and noticed how certain things seemed to happen when the stars were in certain positions. Up until about 400 years ago, Astrology was considered to be an integral part of astronomy. Astronomers observed and recorded the patterns of the stars and planets while looking for the relationships between them and the events on Earth.

The ancient Greeks and Romans based their system on the Gods of their time and believed they moved and lived up in the sky. (Example: Zeus= Jupiter, Mars, Venus - all of whom were based on the Planets visible to them.) It also developed into other parts of the world at different times. It was popular in Babylon, Egypt, the Middle East, India, and China.

The Chaldeans, who lived in Babylonia (now Iraq), developed one of the original forms of astrology as early as 3000 BC. The Chinese were practicing astrology by 2000 BC. By the 500s BC, astrology had spread to Greece, where such philosophers as Pythagoras and Plato incorporated it into their study of religion and astronomy. It was widely practiced in Europe through the Middle Ages. It wasn't until the 1500s when discoveries made by such astronomers as Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei undermined some of the foundations of astrology.

Astrology has come in and out of popularity throughout history and is followed today even more widely than ever before.

How It Works

Astrology helps us explain ourselves based upon Planetary indications and influences present at any given time using a chart called the Horoscope. The birth chart is calculated the moment we take our first breath for that is the moment our soul has decided is right and meets its purpose, which is why the exact time and place of birth is so important.

The horoscope is a chart used to map the position of the planets at any given time. The chart is a circle called an ecliptic and is divided into 12 sections called houses. These houses make up the 24 hour period during which the earth rotates once upon its axis and determine certain characteristics such as financial, social, marriage, health, work At the time of birth the sign in which the sun was present is found using an ephemeris and that determines that person's sun sign. The other planets are found and then placed upon the chart according to where they were in the sky at the time of birth. The 12 planets make up the zodiac and each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is believed to be associated with definite aspects of character, temperament, physiology, and aptitudes. Each sign is also given a corresponding stone, metal, and symbol.

Modern Astrology has changed with the discovery of new Planets: first Uranus in 1781, the Neptune and Pluto, and also the Asteroids. These three Planets have a stronger effect on generations as a whole rather than individuals, but they still have an important place in modern Astrology.

How It Is Used

Astrology has been used throughout history to help us better understand ourselves. It's a divination tool used to give you a clearer picture of your life's path and your potential. It helps define the characteristics and potential problems in your life so you can better handle anything life throws at you. Astrology could be used for an individual, a group or an entire nation.

The horoscope is used to capture a certain moment in time in relation to your birth. This chart is then used to help answer questions and predict possible happenstances. Some of the ways people used Astrology today are for medical and health questions, business and financial indicators, how to play the stock market, and even to help predict the weather.

Other types of astrology are Mundane - which is the study of politics; Electional Astrology - which helps people find favorable times or days to get married, start a business, begin a new job, etc.; and Horary Astrology - which helps predict possible answers for questions based upon the specific moment they arise. But the most popular type of Astrology is Natal, which analyzes people based on their time and place of birth.

It should be said that Astrology, like any other divination tool is simply that - a tool. It cannot predict with any certainty events, personalities, etc. - it can only give you an overview of possibilities. Tools should be used to help guide you, not as the end all and be all of your entire life. Remember you always have free will and everything you do and don't do influences and changes your own personal path and future.

Stuff & Nonsense?

A lot of people use astrology as an end all and be all to life. Used that way it is stuff and nonsense. Astrology cannot specifically define facts and certainties and absolutes. It can just give predictions and indications - there is still free will involved in any situation. It is just a tool for guidance - it gives the possibilities, the certainties are up to the individual.

Astrology is meant to be used as a tool, not as a crutch. Using it to decide all of your decisions turns it into something ridiculous. Youíll drive your family and friends crazy with it if you use it to rationalize your shortcomings and mistakes. You are in control of your own life and you develop your own character by how you live your life. Blaming everything on astrology or other divination tools is not only silly, itís dangerous. When faced with a decision and astrology tells you one thing but your heart and instinct tells you another - go with your instinct.

And for those amateur astrologers - heed and take warning. Making careless, dire and unwise predictions about other people's lives is also dangerous because your words will come back to haunt you.

Astrology when used correctly does give us guidance and indicators that we can use to help determine our lifeís path.

Astrology and Science

Up until about 400 years ago, Astrology was considered to be an integral part of astronomy. It uses mathematical equations to determine where the planets are at a certain point in time. From that standpoint it could be considered as a science, but it always deals with immeasurable, esoteric phenomena such as characteristics and influences which usually lands it in the area known as the occult (which actually only means unknown). It's concerned with cause and effect and with the possibilities of destiny.

Astrology is more of a social or natural science. It is occupied with gathering data and then analyzing it to increase human understanding. But it also has characteristics of an art or craft because interpretations are left up to the individuals own perceptions

Those who oppose Astrology state that there are no scientific facts to prove that the Astrologer's methods are valid. Yet scientific measure are used to determine planet placement. It's how it effects the individual that is in question.

Astrology is in fact a pure abstract mathematical formula. The 12 based, duodecimal number system has always been known as astrology. It still functions reliably today, ten's of thousands of years after it was developed because it works. Astrology is still used by many people today, because astrology still can accurately predict possible "futures" if you have the correct parameters.

Astrology and Religion

Astrology has no restrictions and crosses all religious barriers. Maybe that is certain religious systems appear to be afraid and even condemn it. Believers and parishioners of modern astrology come from all types of spiritual paths and religious organizations. While particular astrological systems seem connected with a religious or cultural heritage (such as India), it does not actually belong to any particular religious or philosophical outlook.

Many people say the Christian Bible seems to condemn astrology - that is strictly up to interpretation. Astrology doesn't limit God or the ways through which he works. It is important for people to be careful to read the context of the text very carefully and interpret for themselves what the meaning of any particular passage means. Astrology should not be considered fortune telling which is condemned because all astrology can do is give you possibilities and tendencies - not actual concrete events. In fact, there is actually no condemnation of what modern astrologers do, just like psychotherapy or social work. Astrology provides the road-map through which God works, showing us a path to live by.

One objection of the Christian leaders who tried to condemn it in 600 BC was that Astrology challenged the fate vs. free will argument. Others disagreed with the truth behind Astrology and felt it was created to set up a system to control and manipulate a culture.

Some people are now saying that with all of the different "conferences" and European rulers that "rearranged" the Bible to suit their own purposes, a lot of it has been mistranslated.  Some people believe that the Magi or wise men of the nativity were actually astrologers and that's how they knew how, why and where to look for the birth of a great, new king - Jesus.

Astrology does not have to adversely affect or change a person's religious and/or spiritual belief - it can in fact compliment it. It shows, as in most religions, that the way you live your life affects what happens to you after you die (heaven and hell, karma, reincarnation, etc.). The philosophies are the same; they're just interpreted differently.

Love to you, prosperity, peace, joy, good health, and much happiness in your future.


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