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Meet Ray

Hours 10:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Daily

Ray is Sedona's longest front-lines, day-to-day psychic spiritual reader—since 1990. He lives in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, working and serving as a reader, healer and facilitator.  He has been a practitioner in service for more than 30 years, making a difference in people’s lives.

I do readings in person at Crystal Magic five days a week. A lot of my work is done over the telephone, as well, since my clients are from all over the world. I work In The Light, and under the direction of God/Source/The All. I have clients from every walk of Faith.

In my work with clients, it is my intention to provide psychic insights that help lift people out of current circumstances that aren't working for them and into something better. My greatest joy is being able to help people better understand what's going on in and around themselves so they can make choices that will bring them more of what they want in their lives. 

I am especially attuned to the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels—including beliefs, judgments, thoughts and feelings—as well as information about spiritual purpose, spiritual path, assistance from spiritual guides, and other matters of the spiritual realm.

I believe that a psychic reading should be about receiving answers that encourage a person to empower themselves, and this is the type of information that I typically receive. Spirit wants to see you succeed. Spirit wants to see you follow the natural flow of life. Spirit wants you to be and become all that you can be. Spirit wants to see you develop to your full potential, learn your life lessons and achieve your desires. This is why Spirit will not only answer a question, but will also give a person the information and guidance that can help them to live their life to its fullest expression.

We all have a dream inside of our hearts and souls. My work as a gifted, intuitive psychic and clairvoyant is to lead you to the inside currents of your spirit in this journey of life. I can help you perceive your desires, unlock your soul's inner potential, get in touch with your own gifts of the spirit, and take some uncharted new steps with your life's journey.

I am so glad you are here! It is within my ability as a psychic healer to help you unlock any place where you may feel stuck. All you have to do is be willing and open to change. I am certain that no matter how you found me, you are aware that the universe is not just a random act.

My specialty is your Soul, and I go within, to the heart of every matter. I sense your Soul's essence along with the people around you, your loved ones, family, and friends. According to the choices of your free will, you will be making your own choices and decisions. It is my gift to reflect a pathway for you. To open the doors of your perception by shifting your energy fields into more light.

My gifts are clairvoyance, precognition, clairaudience, and direct communication with spirit. I hold a strong element of healing energy from the higher vibrations, which you will receive through the tonal sound of my voice.
I use the Tarot but I don’t need the cards. I like the cards because the majority of people need a visual in front of them as a validation.

Professional Credentials

Matrix Energetics, Levels I and II. (Matrix Energetics is 2012 consciousness technologies using quantum physics, holographic universes, parallel and alternate realities, and instantaneous virtual realities~~. It is stepping into the quantum world, holding a space of the holographic universe and collapsing that space or wave to its perfection.)

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, CCHt.

Master Reiki, Classes I through IV, USUI School of Natural Healing.

Ordained Minister, Church of the Golden Age

Born a sensitive. Ray has been giving readings for people in all types of life situations for more than 30 years.

Ray has visited many ancient mystery schools and has extensively studied spiritual and alternative healing modalities.

Ray Rhanor has very strict ethics about his work. At no time does he discuss your reading with anyone. You have complete privacy, which is never violated. Also, he does not publish or in any way distribute a list of his clients.

Love to you, prosperity, peace, joy, good health, and much happiness in your future.


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